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Disolact Extra Strong 40

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Disolact Lactase Capsules Extra Strong (10,000 FCC Lactase) 40 capsules
  • Disolact Extra Strong strength lactase
  • 10.000 FCC lactase per capsule
  • Contains 40 capsules


Extra strong lactase enzyme capsules

10,000 FCC lactase per capsule. If you want to be more careful to avoid a reaction or if you’re extremely intolerant, then the Disolact Extra Forte capsules are the best choice for you.


  • Disolact lactase enzyme extra strength capsules are packed in units of 40 capsules in a container that is handy and attractive to take with you.
  • Disolact lactase enzyme extra strength capsules are soy and gluten free
  • The capsules are made from HPMC, so it’s also suitable for vegetarians
  • We recommend storing Disolact lactase capsules dry and at room temperature.
  • The shelf life of Disolact lactase is 3 years; thereafter the FCC value reduces by 5% per year.

Read more about lactose intolerance here: LINK