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Disolact Drops

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  • Enough for 56 litres of milk
  • Also suitable for (whipped) cream
  • Make your own lactose free milk!


Disolact  lactase enzyme drops
Enough for 56 litres of milk

14 ml. DISOLACT lactase enzyme drops – enough to make 56 litres of milk lactose free. 5 drops per litre reduce the lactose content by 92%! Can also be used in combination with breast feeding and/or bottle feeding. Put 5 drops in a litre of milk, let it rest for 24 hours in the refrigerator and…ready! Also suitable to treat cream, or make your own lactose free mascarpone, butter, …

Lactose intolerant? Try Disolact lactase enzyme drops and make your own lactose free milk.

DISOLACT® lactase drops do not work as well in acidic milk products such as yoghurt, curds and buttermilk. For this we recommend DISOLACT® lactase capsules. As the lactase drops are high in (vegetable) glycerine they can be kept, once opened, for one year.

The lactase drops consist of (vegetable) glycerin, purified water and lactase enzyme, no preservatives are added.