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NEW! Starchway is now also available in a bigger package with 150 capsules. The package contains 3 tins with 50 capsules each. And Starchway 150 capsules is already packed in boxes with our new design.

Starchway contains the enzymes Invertase and Glucoamylase.

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, dextrose (filling aid). Invertase (7500 units), Glucoamylase (2500 Units), Vegetarian capsule: HPMC.

The enzyme Invertase is derived from the YEAST Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. Gluco-amylase is derived from the mould Aspergillus niger.

How to use?: take 1 to 3 capsules just before each meal which contains starch and/or sucrose. The working period of Starchway is about 45 minutes, after this period you have to take Starchway again if you want to consume more starch/sucrose containing food.

Starchway is suitable for vegetarians. Contains no soy or gluten. Please note Sucrose is not a FODMAP, however we include a solution as part of a product range as this is also a sugar people experience an intolerance too.