Our Story

Disolut has been providing dietary solutions since 2008, now in Australia in 2020.

Please meet some of the key members in bringing Disolut to Australia and New Zealand

Remko Hiemstra

Founder & Product Development
(The Netherlands)

Welcome! I am Remko and I started Disolut around 12 years ago. As Disolut does its own product development and their own production, we can produce products for markets that are not feasible for other companies that may need to hit certain large scale quotas.

Our motto “Dietary supplements that make you smile” to us means that even a market of only ten people means we might offer a solution for ten people with intolerances - we are able and happy to offer them a solution.



Harmen Treep
Partner & Managing Director International
(The Netherlands)

Harmen has extensive experience in General Management with a focus on sales, e-commerce and marketing. He has been involved in restructuring businesses and brands from start-up through to growth phases. Companies he has worked in include international brands such as Sonos, TomTom and Unilever.

He shares Remko's vision of taking Disolut global and providing those with intolerances options they may not have had access to before. Harmen has led multiple new products to being consumer and trade ready in food, consumer electronics and the cycling industry. He has been a great resource and hands on in the launch of Disolut in Australia.



Photios Poupoulas

Managing Director (Australia & NZ)

Hi, I'm Photios Poupoulas. I attended the University of South Australia graduating with a Bachelor of Pharmacy and later at the same university completed a Master of Business Administration. I have worked in roles both in community and clinical pharmacy, and for a time as a media assessor for a public relations firm. For the past few years I have been managing the pharmacy services for a private hospital.

I was frustrated that even as a pharmacist I was not able to find a supplement for my intolerances in Australia. As I discovered when my first child underwent a breath test and was also diagnosed with fructose intolerance, my wife explained just how many children were being tested, and during school we discovered this was not as uncommon as we thought, and no one was aware there were options to help such as Disolut. It made sense to bring this option to Australia.



Rosanne Holman

Advisory Dietician (The Netherlands)

My name is Rosanne Holman and I work as an advisory dietician at Disolut. Disolut is specialized in products for different food intolerances - lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, fructan/galactan intolerance, sucrose/starch intolerance and histamine intolerance. For these intolerances I develop educational materials for customers and health professionals. I also answer questions directly from customers and health professionals. We develop and produce our products at our own production facilities in Donkerbroek, The Netherlands. All products are developed based on scientific literature with no unnecessary ingredients or additivies.

I am really excited we now have a distributor in Australia. We have different products which help with the digestion of FODMAPs. The FODMAP diet was developed in Australia by Monash University, therefore for us it’s a dream come true our products are now sold in Australia! Disolut’s motto is ‘dietary solutions that make you smile’. We would like to help people with food intolerances to enjoy food again without gastrointestinal complaints!



Anouk Martini
Advisory Dietitian (The Netherlands) 

Hi there! My name is Anouk Martini and I am working as an Advisory Dietician for Disolut. My goal is to help assist people with their intestinal complaints by advising them diet, lifestye and products that can help. Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy food carefree!

In addition to answering questions from customers and health professionals, I create lots of delicious low-fodmap recipes, interesting and educational movies and of course our brand new magazine! I also manage our Dutch social media such as Instagram and Facebook, where new tips, facts and news are regularly published.


Elyse Wong
Advisory Dietitian (Australia)

Elyse Wong, holds a Master of Dietetics and Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition from the University of South Australia and is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

Her areas of interests include diabetes management, cardiovascular disease, weight management, vegetarian and vegan diets, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), coeliac disease, food intolerance (well of course!) and general healthy eating lifestyle guidance. She is passionate about helping people to achieve wellness through food and nutrition and was a Food Literacy Facilitator for the Australian Red Cross prior to moving into private practice. Elyse is also fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.

Tessa Hanekamp
Administration Manager
(The Netherlands)

Hi I'm Tessa and I first came to Disolut in 2018 working in production. As Disolut grew and my ambition was in finance, I was able to transition into this area. I still have plently of contact with customers to make sure they are receiving their orders quickly and getting questions answered, plus asissting Rosanne with queries from our customers.

I was very happy when I found out Disolut now has distribution in Australia and New Zealand, as our customers now have a much faster way to receive their orders locally!




Our Story

Remko Hiemstra was born in 1973, the son of an electrician and a teacher born and raised in the northern city of Leeuwarden capital of the very rural area of Friesland, it was not expected that Remko would be an entrepeneur. His grandfather was a farmhand responsible for milking cows and caring for the horses on the farm. His great grandfather was one of the very first staff members of the dairy factory De Friesland know for the brand Frisian Flag.

Looking back, it's a funny coincedence as his grandfather, Remko and his son are all lactose intolerant. His choice to become a nurse was already an indication that Remko went his own way. After nursing school, he became the first person in his family to go to university, attending the University of Maastricht. There he met his wife Maud. After graduating he got a job in the pharmaceutical industry as a junior CRA (Clinical Trial Monitor) and moved to Amersfoort where he learned here that even the biggest pharmaceutical companies such as Merck or Ipsen started small - the best products all started with one person having an idea.

Remko (pictured right) developed into an international study coordinator and had to travel extensively where he then saw that abroad were many products that could help him deal with his and his son’s lactose intolerance. Why weren’t these products available in the biggest dairy producing country in the world? In 2007 the first steps were taken and a year later Disolut was founded.

One desk, a computer that his parents won at bingo...and his wife agreed upon investing all their savings of €4000. It took three years of very hard work until Remko was able to run the company full time. After this, expansion became rapid and in December 2016 the company moved to their current location of Donkerbroek. From a single product company we have transformed ourselves to an international company focussed on food intolerances, with the main goal to help as many people as possible. Several products were launched and each year new products are added.

Disolut now has entered into a variety of international markets with Remko handing over direction to Harmen Treep (pictured left) as Managing Director International, who brings his wealth of management, marketing and product development experience with brands such Unilever, TomTom and Sonos. We look forward to providing our products across Australia and the globe! 

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