Disolact Mini Tablets 5 (Trial Pack)

Disolact Mini Tablets 5 (Trial Pack)

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Disolact Mini Tablets (for LACTOSE INTOLERANCE) - 5 small tablets, with 2500 FCC lactase.

  • Contains 2500 FCC lactase per tablet
  • Easy to use
  • Also easy to use for kids!
  • In a sachet to try our product out before considering the standard and larger sizes.


Disolact lactase mini tablets 2500 FCC. Helps to digest lactose for people with lactose intolerance.

Contains 100 mini lactase tablets, packed in a dispenser. Each tablet contains 2500 FCC lactase.

Those small tablets are easy to use, also for kids.

Ingredients: Lactase (2500FCC), Filling aid: dextrose, Cellulose. Technological aid: Magnesium

How to use?: Take 1-4 tablets just before each meal which contains lactose.